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Bon Maxie

Easy Drop Earring Holder

Easy Drop Earring Holder

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Product Description

The earring lover's perfect earring lover! Holds a lot, easy to use.

With easy-drop slots, a tiered, compact design, adjustable rungs and extra room for rings, bracelets and more, the blush mid Adjustable Earring & Accessory Holder makes organising your earring collection a cinch!

NOTE: Side storage bars pictured are NOT included in this product

    • Easy-drop slots make organising (and keeping it up) SUPER easy
    • Tiered design allows for huge capacity in a small footprint
    • Earrings drop down perfectly behind each other 
    • Made from metal thinner than wood = you don't have to think where your earring back goes before dropping in your earring!
    • Super-close teeth spacing allows earrings to be condensed, no space wasted
    • Adjustable rungs tailor the stand to suit your collection 
    • Deep slots keep your earrings secure from knocks
    • Optimal hole spacing for hooks - using every hole, it still looks neat!
    • Side wings for rings, hair ties, bracelets, hoops, brooches
    • Extra side stud earring storage
    • Helps you see ALL your earrings at a glance, no more buying similar earrings
    • Fits all types of earrings - studs, hoops, hooks, dangles, threaders, sleepers, huggies, tiny studs
    • Anti-rust-treated metal
    • Comes flatpacked in a gorgeous box with instructions - super simple to construct!
    • NOTE: Side storage bars pictured are NOT included in this product
    • Categorise your earrings by size/format to sit on each rung: e.g. small studs, large studs, large dangles, hooks, hoops
    • Find the largest in each design and work out how to space the rungs out based on the longest/bulkiest earring in each category. We recommend adding the rungs before earrings, just to be extra safe.
    • Then organise in colour - light to dark, across the stand
    • TO ADD IN BARS: TILT AND CLICK! Tilt the bar back towards you to feed the bottom teeth in first and push down - then push the top of the bar into place!

    Material: powder-coated metal, anti-rust treated

    Holds: Mid holds up to 170 pairs. Double up where you can for more and see our tips on getting the most out of your earring holder.

    Size: 297mm wide, 140mm deep, 270mm high angled back