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Little Wildling Co

English Breakfast - loose leaf box

English Breakfast - loose leaf box

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Loose leaf tea leaves (pic an example of how all teas are packed).

Let’s not beat around the bush, sometimes you just need a good strong cup ofblack tea with no strings attached. And that is exactly what you have here in yourhot little hands. Organic, smooth, flavoursome, simple. But live a little, enjoy itthroughout the day & not just at breakfast.

Ingredients: Organic English Breakfast black tea.

It's a tea range that ticks the boxes in both flavour + medicinal purposes. That is organic yet can stand out proud on counter tops rather than hidden away to the back of cupboards. Something that is a lifestyle extension which speaks to a range of people - from health conscious yogis to creative types that sometimes need a tongue in cheek message, to help remind them to slow down with a cup of tea, with a bit of health in every sip.

A partnership made in heaven...