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Apiwrap - Celery Wrap

Apiwrap - Celery Wrap

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If you shop at farmers markets, I know why you’re here. Our extra-large beeswax wraps are the best thing that ever happened to veggie storage! You’ll need a few for those big bunches of silverbeet, leeks and lettuces… You might actually need about 6 by the time you see how we store a spare loaf of bread in the freezer!
The Celery Wrap is the extra large beeswax wrap. It is big enough to cover a celery bunch, cover a platter, or wrap a big bunch of silver beets. It’s huge.
You can also use the extra large beeswax wrap when you get home from the farmers market with a huge haul of fresh veg and no plastic bags. Pop every thing into the crisper drawer and tuck them into bed with this baby! No more rubbery carrots for you!

Dimensions 40cm x 45cm.