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Footballers Soap

Footballers Soap

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Product Description

Footballers Soap is a nod to another time... Before forward presses & switch kicks, before inside mids & fat sides... When backmen stood on opponent’s toes & ’Macca’, ’Thommo’ & ’Browny’ were permanent fixtures in every side across the land.

Footballers Soap is a no-nonsense soap formulated for no-nonsense footballers. Footballers that refuse to throw in the towel, ever..., that choose to go where others fear to tread..., that literally run their guts out every quarter. 

After the game, win, lose or draw you can count on Footballers Soap to get you clean & make you smell great. 

Footballers Soap is guaranteed not to nourish, caress or invigorate you or any of your teammates.  For best results apply liberally to head, torso & limbs then rinse thoroughly. Should your skin appear fresh, vibrant & soft desist from further use immediately.