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Apiwraps - Lunch Call

Apiwraps - Lunch Call

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Product Description

Zero waste lunch boxes are the best thing that ever happened to school lunch! Using our reusable lunch wraps every day means no more cling wrap or ziplock bags ever! You can teaching your children how to take care of the environment by creating less waste, and eating healthy food at the same time. It’s a win for everyone!

We’ve designed the Lunch Call Pack especially for busy families. It includes three large beeswax wraps, just the right size for sandwiches and wraps. Meaning your lunch boxes will be waste-free everyday! Of course our large apiwraps also come in handy for bunches of herbs, blocks of cheese and covering salad bowls too. If the large lunch wrap is too big for a smaller sandwich it’s no problem because you can just keep wrapping and seal where it overlaps. Apiwraps are soft and easy to seal meaning even little hands can help wrap lunches.

You can use your Apiwraps lunch wraps again and again. Just wash with a little soap or eco-friendly detergent and they’re good to go! We find that wraps used for lunches everyday usually last for around a year. 

The Lunch Call set includes three reusable wraps (30cm x 35cm) in complementing patterns from the same collection. Don’t need three? Look at our single Sandwich Wrap Pack.