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Mesh Produce Bag Set

Mesh Produce Bag Set

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Product Description

Those flimsy plastic produce bags killing your vibe at the checkout? 

No more ripping a single-use plastic bag off the roll in the produce section. Or juggling loose fruit at the checkout.

Our reusable mesh produce bags come in assorted sizes for separating out all kinds of fruit and veg. (They also separate the eco shopper from the not so much. Just saying.)


  • Shop tomatoes and onions like a boss in these plastic-free dreams

  • 5 in a mesh produce bag set

  • Wide range of sizes

  • Great for herbs, loose fruits and veggies, nuts, breads

  • Pure GOTS certified organic cotton mesh bags

  • Drawstring tie

  • Super lightweight, nearly as light as the flimsy single-use plastic ones

  • Throw your reusable produce bags in the wash

  • Shop the bundle - purchase within the Farmers Market set!

Show your children food doesn’t grow inside plastic bags!

And it goes without saying, only buy loose fruit and veg, seasonal if you can - and never buy the pre-packaged stuff.