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Nana Huchy

Miss Clementine - Doll (2 colours)

Miss Clementine - Doll (2 colours)

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Clementine just adores slipping into her favourite frock & floral headband & going for picnics with her BFF Hazel.

They love to coordinate their outfits, pick wild blackberries, feed carrots to all the local horses & do cartwheels in the grassy paddocks.

These two giggling girls grew up on neighbouring farms near Apollo Bay & they have always loved the great outdoors.

On weekends, they make lemonade & raspberry-rhubarb jam & set up a stall outside Clem’s house.

It’s very popular with the locals! Hazel tells Clem off when she gets too bossy & Clem brings Hazel back down to earth when she is daydreaming.

But despite their differences, the two are inseparable.

Approx 39cm