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Oh Flossy

Oh Flossy Nail Polish

Oh Flossy Nail Polish

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The fabulous Oh Flossy "Not Just Pretty" Kids Nail Polish range is perfect for those little ones who love to play and be creative while keeping them away from nasty chemicals (and your nail polish!)

Our kids nail polish formula is plant-based making them breathable, it is vegan friendly, Halal, sustainable and 10-Free (i.e. no nasty ingredients!) while being long lasting. Great & safe for kiddies nails!

Better still our quick dry formula means that you won't need to keep your wriggly little one still for long - which means it's back to play time faster!

The Oh Flossy Kids Nail Polish range comes in 7 fantastic shades:

  • *NEW* Joyful (Pink Glitter)
  • Brave (Cream Pink)
  • Courageous (Coloured Confetti Glitter)
  • Strong (Cream Violet)
  • Authentic (Silver Glitter)
  • Brilliant (Cream Fluro Green)
  • Kind (Cream Blue)

 When it is time to remove your polish simply wipe it away with regular nail polish remover.