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Scoop Bowl & Grab Cup

Scoop Bowl & Grab Cup

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Product Description

Take the stress out of mealtimes with our non-toxic silicone Scoop Bowl and Grab Cup.   You’ll love them as much as your kids do.

Because mealtimes with little people are hectic, we’ve purposely designed our dinnerware to help toddlers gain confidence and independence at meal times.

Grip handles, wide bases, non-breakable and cool to the touch, our tableware will give you the peace of mind your child is 100% safe carrying their own bowl and cup to the table.

Plus 100% non-toxic silicone allows you to freeze, heat in the microwave or a conventional oven (up to 240 degrees) and serve – all in the one product. No more spooning food from one container to another and a mountain of washing up.

We use the highest grade silicone so you can be confident no chemicals will leach into your child’s food during heating.

You’ll love our Scoop Bowls for their:

★ Grip handles for easy carrying to and from the table or sink.
★ Wide anti-slip base to stop movement
★ No suction enables removal of the bowl without spilling
★ Vertical sides to help toddlers learn to feed themselves

You’ll love our Grab Cups for their:

★ Ergonomic design, especially for little hands
★ Soft to the touch
★ Non slip surface
★ Wide base to avoid tipping
★ Use with cool or warm drinks

Information and Care
All our toddler dinnerware is dishwasher safe, however to avoid staining we recommend you
wash immediately using a mild detergent and warm water.

Suitable for ages 6 months +.  Please ensure you watch your baby whilst using our products and discard at any sign of damage or wear.