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Star Grazer - Non-toxic Silicone Divider Plate

Star Grazer - Non-toxic Silicone Divider Plate

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Product Description

Designed to help put an end to mealtime battles and help get fussy eaters excited about food, our non-toxic silicone star divided plate will give you your mealtime mojo back.

Each plate features three divided sections you simply fill with different snacks or food options.  Children love making independent choices about what food to add to each section.  The dividers act as a handy reminder to busy mums and dads to include a variety of different foods with every meal (protein, veggies, carbs etc).

You’ll love your divided plate for:

  • Combining hot and cold foods
  • Portioned snacks
  • Keeping wet and dry foods separated
  • Easy access to sauces
  • Combining sweets and savories
  • Ensuring different foods don’t touch (for those really fussy eaters)

Made from 100% non-toxic European grade silicone, our children’s tableware can be frozen and heated in the oven or microwave and stay cool to the touch.