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Wish Pixies

Wish Pixies - POE for Uniqueness

Wish Pixies - POE for Uniqueness

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Product Description

Poe's 'Pixietale' tells the story of her journey facing many obstacles and challenges because she is different to the other Pixies. Sometimes, they make fun of her which makes her sad. Along the way however, she learns the meaning and importance of how being proud of her UNIQUENESS, helps her to overcome them and feel happy.

The tale is written in a playful voice to engage children's imagination, so they will remember and learn the lessons from the Pixie's journey to self belief.

The doll then becomes a symbol for this new understanding and inspires the child to believe in themselves to do the same.

For some additional magic, the doll also has a little pocket on its back that contains a secret spell. Once read, this begins the magic of self belief inside the child. The pocket can also be used to leave or give messages, to and from the Pixies.

Recommended for ages 5 - 105!